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Game Description

Gear up for this exciting game. Test your reflexes, aim and precision by flicking those darn snowballs back to where they came from. Electrocute them, drown them, shred them if you must – just don’t let them tear you down.

SnowBall BaseBall features 8 distinct comical snowballs with varied behavior, 15 highly replayable levels with obtainable bonus points as well as 10 distinct destructive elements that help you get rid of those snowballs in the funniest ways possible.

You can count on us to dish out regular updates and low-priced in app purchase - that can be earned through gameplay as well. Get ready to experience super power and accuracy that just keeps building up with the experience you earn destroying them – there is no saving those snowballs now!

Buckle up, because you have a whole world of destructive possibilities to discover!