About Us

Synqua Games is a gaming company delivering fun experiences on mobile and tablet for global consumers. Our philosophy revolves around creating simple, short duration, pick up and play games that are highly re-playable.

We develop games across all mobile platforms - iOS, Android, BB10 and Windows Phone. Our Facebook based social platform enables to engage friends, brag, challenge friends and post high scores.

Founded in May 2008 with a passion and dream to build the highest quality casual games on mobile. We have released over 50+ games that have resulted in over 35 million downloads and growing. Our team continues to develop new titles that consumers would love and we constantly are reimagining and redefining ourselves to ensure this.

Our Focus Areas :
  • Original casual and social game development
  • Co-Production and development
  • Facebook based Social Gaming platform
  • Brand partnerships to license or co-brand our marquee game titles